In a discovery that feels reminiscent of the Cabbage Patch dolls mania of the 1980s, one woman has come across a facility that is taking the concept of Cabbage Patch Kids adoption to the next level. Writer Sarah Baird took to Twitter to share her strange visit to an American Cabbage Patch ‘hospital’ where dolls ‘give birth’ and adopters have to sign an oath to take their newborn dolly home. Kicking off a thread that left readers gobsmacked, she said: “A few weeks ago we were camping in the north Georgia mountains and happened to drive past a bunch of signs for ‘babyland general hospital’ where cabbage patch dolls are ‘born’ so we decided to check it out as kitschy fun…” Detailing the unusual way in which the Cabbage Patch Kids are ‘born’ in the facility, Baird explained: “We were absolutely not prepared to witness the ceremony of a ‘licensed patch nurse’ helping a giant, led-light covered tree called ‘mother cabbage’ give ‘birth’ to a cabbage patch doll!” Just when you thought things couldn’t get much more bizarre, the writer revealed that the birthing procedure was far more serious than you’d expect for a children’s toy, with a dedicated ‘nurse’ on deck to ensure the whole birth runs smoothly.