Black Sabbath‘s Bill Ward said the rock group was so connected, they had similar dreams at times.

During an interview with Metal Hammer, the drummer spoke on a particular dream they shared in the 1960s while rehearsing in the Aston area of Birmingham, London.

Ward explained, “When we finished Black Sabbath rehearsals at the Aston community center, I had feelings inside telling me a few things. We were different, and it didn’t matter if we became famous. I knew what we’d made would cause a few problems but also earn us great affection, and I’m so f**king proud of that.”

He went on to say that the band members “were so tight, we’d have the same dreams. It happens when you’re in a room transferring things to each other musically all day…One of the dreams we had was being visited by a priest, or a specter, and I just saw that as a guardian angel…I love ghosts – I’m a ghost person and have been most of my life.”