The Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron, which was released by Moose Toys in October, is certainly unique

A toy that was very popular during the Christmas season is now equally popular with adults thanks to TikTok. The Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron was released by Moose Toys in October and sells for an average price of about $69.99. To use it, one puts several “magic” ingredients into a cauldron, taps it with a wand, and after the mist parts—pulls a stuffed animal out of the cauldron. The toy was in high demand for the Christmas season, but a month after Christmas, e-retailers like Target and Amazon are still struggling to keep it in stock as adults buy the toy. It comes with a colorful plastic cauldron with a plastic jewel on the front, and comes with all the “ingredients” needed to use it. Once all the ingredients are added to the cauldron they tap on it three times with the included magic wand, which makes it light up, play sounds, and emit real mist. Once the mist clears they can pull out a plush toy that “magically” materializes. 

@cringecarter Never thought I would get this excited over a kids toy but here I am🕺 #magicmixes ♬ original sound – Carter Kench