Varner: HWF is a must see for wrestling fans
May 14, 2023

By Kenny Varner

I recently fell back in love with watching Professional wrestling!

Thank you HWF(the Honorary Wrestling Federation) for providing such a great event!

I got the chance to cover my first match for the local MIfflin County federation of local wrestlers.

Growing up, I fell in love with wrestling at the age of 12.

On our local Channel 9 from New York on a Saturday 11:00 time frame, I discovered this show that caught my eye.

The Dynamic colorful characters, fun and sometime intense story lines made me a quick addict of the sport.

Every week I was tuned in while the outside world was oblivious to me from the opening montage to the last match of the day. I even watched the commercials with the fear that I’d miss any second of the matches that would be happening.

In time, things continued but the newness wore off and things on the National scene has gone away from its roots. It became more absurd at times with some of its over the top scenerios. I kind of drifted from watching even though I still watched. The fun had rarely gotten me excited like it was in their heyday.

But the HWF has not forgotten how make a show for all to enjoy. It is a throwback from why fans were attracted to it.

Their recent event, A$$ Kicking Saturday night proved to shine as they competed in front of a house full of fans. The group had to even add seating to the late comers.

I found that love for the sport as the HWF gave their fans everything and then more. It was more action and less microphone promos!

They had a very strong story lines as well as likeable and I likable characters. It was very easy to root for the villain and root for the good guys. I found myself rooting as well.

Every match from the beginning to end left you on the edge of your seat!

There was an energy flowing through the sold out crowd adding to the anticipation, especially as the event came out of the intermission.

They cheered for their favorite wrestler Matt TRK Silks and booed General Manager Jason Havok.

Silks signed a contract extension, for another two years! Just to name one of the night’s story lines.

Gone are legendary wrestlers like Ivan Putski, Jimmy Superfly Snooka, Dusty Rhodes, Rick Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper to provide fans with brilliant performances but there are local wrestlers like RD Mosh, TRK, Violent Love, James”the Titan” Ford,  and other wrestlers on the HWF card are preserving the great leagacy of professional wrestling and adding chapters to it lore.

Independent wrestling in MIfflin County is in good hands.

It was definitely a must see for any wrestling fans.

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