Tomahawks lower the boom on the Spartans
May 7, 2023

Photo by Kathy Reed
By Dom Reed

LEWISTOWN – The Centre County Spartans took on the Mifflin County Tomahawks at Kish Park.

On this day, the Tomahawks topped Centre County 69-18 Saturday.

The first Play of the game Mifflin County’s defense stayed strong forcing a fumble involving a scoop and score from Chase Pitts from his linebacker position.

On Centre County’s second drive it took the Spartans one play as Ben Briggs connected on a pass to receiver  Gabe Regester.

On the kickoff return, Michael Presha showed off his speed with a big return.

Mifflin county would fail to turn the big drive into points as Lashawn Brown would look to connect on a pass to RJ Buford but it would fall incomplete.

Mifflin County’s talented receiver  Buford would find the endzone twice in the game.

One pass was from Tomahawk’s starting quarterback Lashawn Brown.

The Other was from back up quarterback Hunter Sheaffer. Sheaffer would be put in the game in the second half.

He would remain in the game after being ahead by a large scoring margin 42-12 score.

Both Brown and Sheaffer had strong performances at the Quarterback position.

Johathan Dodson had an outstanding day running the football.

Even a couple times Dodson was untouched and fooled the Spartans defense. Dodson found the nose for the endzone scoring three touchdowns.

Mifflin County had a great showing on special teams as Pitts Blocked John Beachel’s punt.

Levi Hockenberry found himself in the backfield wreaking havoc For Briggs Draeson.

Hetz Picked off Briggs late in the third quarter to take it to the house for a pick six.

The Spartans had trouble generating  points as the Spartans were left scoreless since early in the first quarter.

Centre County would only score one more time as Briggs found the  versatile tight end and Defensive Lineman Austin Geitner for a touchdown In the closing seconds of the game.

The Tomahawks Proved to be too much for the Spartans as Mifflin County Finds themself back in the win column after losing two Straight games

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