State College Field Hockey 6-0 victory over Chambersburg
Oct 12, 2022


 Photos by Jeff Shomo

State College’s Ella Tambroni picks up her first career hat-trick and an assist in an impressive outing versus Chambersburg.  The Trojan defense kept the score even through the first frame. Minutes into the second quarter, Little Lions Tambroni connected with Victoria Castano for the first goal of the game.  The Little Lions kept the pressure on the Trojan backfield through the rest of the game. Ella Tambroni and Hannah Garlin connected for two of Tambroni’s three goals, Maddy Shomo had two assists, and Joelle Bartlett picked up a goal. Trojan goalie Addy Hollenshied had an impressive 23 saves on the night.


Next game, State College hosts Central Dauphin, on Memorial Field, State College, Pa, Thursday October 13, JV 5:00 PM, Varsity 6:30 PM.


Game summary:

Varsity Game (6:30 PM):

State College 6

Chambersburg 0


Varsity Goal (Assist):

SC. Q2:  12:33.  Victoria Castano (Ella Tambroni)

SC. Q2:  2:45.  Ella Tambroni (Hannah Garlin)

SC. Q3:  12:29. Maddy Shomo

SC. Q3:  8:48. Joelle Bartlett (Maddy Shomo)

SC. Q4:  4:00.   Ella Tambroni (Maddy Shomo)

SC  Q4:  1:10.  Ella Tambroni (Hannah Garlin)




Varsity Penalty Corners

SC – 12

CB – 2


Varsity Goalkeeper Saves:

SC – 2   Molly Schreiner

CB – 23 Addy Hollenshead


Varsity Defensive Saves:


Card issued:

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