Red Saturday; another Shining night for 7 Mountains Wrestling
Nov 27, 2022

7MW Wrestling
By: Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – The crowd was roaring all night long as Seven Mountains Wrestling, made its return to Mr.Stax Saturday night.
Prior to the show there were a couple announcements from the Governa, the first one being after 7MW champion D-Licous came out and taunted the Lewistown crowd. Because of that, the Governa announced that D will defend his title against Mr. Ping.
The second was that the Governa was bringing back the 7MW Women’s title championship. That match featured the Redneck Chick Izzy McCoy versus Dogge Inya along with her manager Cobra.
McCoy was facing heavy fire from not only Inya, but cheap shots from Cobra as well. But the Redneck Chick showed why she is a longtime favorite of the Lewistown fan base and overcame the odds and becoming the new 7MW Women’s championship.
Then during the 7MW heavyweight championship match between D-Lious and Mr. Ping, there was some controversy has Ping had D down where it appeared as though Ping got the three count, but the official saw that D get his shoulder up and called it a two count. Ping turned to the official and questioned the call and D took advantage of the distraction with a low blow and roll up for the one, two, three to retain the title.
There were plenty of other championship matches throughout the night including one of the most anticipated matches of the show in the main event for the 7MW Sky High Championship where the American Hammer Matt Quay challenged Aaron Truth in a Hair vs Hair match.
The crowd went wild throughout the match as both Quay and Truth were dishing out punishment to one another. But in the end, it was Quay dropping the hammer down on Truth to become the new 7MW Sky High championship.
There was a triple threat tag team match for the 7MW Tag Team championships as Lex and Lucas of the Cult defended against the Ghost Riders and Truth Serum’s DeMarcus Kane and Solomon Nasir.
The action was fast and furious and it did not take very long for things to get chaotic. Kane dropped Xeno of the Ghost Riders to the mat and Lex came flying in and tossed out Kane to take the win for his team to retain the titles.
This wasn’t the only success that the Cult had found during the evening as Dead Kid defeated JT Funk after taking advantage of Funk’s injured leg and finished him off with a Swanton Bomb off the top rope.
Stefon Ramon was able to keep pace with EN Bush and did an incredible reversal and turned it into an inverted piledriver to collect the pinfall during their singles match.
Also in singles action was longtime fan favorite J-Kat went up against General Keisel with Viktor at his side. Things were looking up for J-Kat but Keisel dropped him head first into the turnbuckle and had knocked Joey out cold before finishing him off.
However things turned for the worst, as when J-Kat had awoken, he immediately attacked the referee who revived him which left many people in the crowd stunned and wonder about the mental issues of J-Kat.
Then in one of the heated matches of the night, was when Matt TRK Silks went one on one against Malcolm King for the 7MW No DQ title. To say that the crowd was divided, would be an understatement as not only Silks and King were fighting it out, at one point; it appeared as though the fans were going to fight amongst themselves.
However, the match was soon called a no-contest as RD Mosh and Edward James came flying out to the ring and attacked both men. The attack was led by Adrian Bliss’s “cousin” Amore’ Bliss after Adrian was kicked out of the building earlier in the show. All of a sudden, Robnoxious made an appearance and looked like he was going to help them on their assault on Silks and King, but Rob refused and attack the trio joining forces with them in a future match at a later show.
That was not the first Noxious had to intervene, as he too had to come to the aid of BJ Walker who won the $10,000 over the top battle royal out lasting Tyler Symz who thought had an easy road to victory after King Kahlua helped double team against Walker and voluntary jump over the top rope. But Walker dug down deep and got the job done and earned himself a nice payday.
Speaking of which, Robnoxious was having a special event. Rob was looking for donation to help a friend in need as Gary Macon who is trying to help raise his grandchildren and wanted to help raise money for them to enjoy their Christmas. They raised around $500.
Hope and pray everyone had a good time and a safe trip home. And also hope and pray that everyone out there has a very Merry Christmas.
Until next time, see you at the next 7MW show!

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