One on One: New Bellefonte JV coach Lily Gardner
Aug 22, 2022

Editor’s Note: Recently Hometown Sports Corespondent Tara Jackson caught up with new Bellefonte Junior Varsity coach Lily Gardner and talked about her transition from former player to coach.

HS: What made you decide to apply for the position for head coach of the JV volleyball team at Bellefonte?

LG: I applied for the position of JV head coach because Varsity coach Monica Smith asked if I would be interested in a bigger role than a volunteer for the Bellefonte program.

HS: What would you say your coaching style is?

LG: With being a young coach I don’t feel like I have a set style of coaching but depending on the age group I’m coaching, I try to target more specific principles of the game as the game speed increases and one play could change the entire outcome.

HS: What strengths do you bring to the coaching staff?

LG: While already knowing how things are to be run at the high school level, I hope to bring a helping hand to Monica to help develop the younger girls and increase the skills of returning players to bring our up-in-coming program to the next level.

HS: What are your coaching goals for the season?

LG: My goal for this season is to see some more wins from JV to enhance the level of play Bellefonte volleyball sets as their standard.

HS: What are 3 things you’d like to instill your players this season?

LG: Three things I want to instill in the girls this season is trust, communication, and responsibility. Without these qualities we play as individuals and I would like to see these girls because one unit that plays the game to the best of their ability. I also harp on these qualities, because they will help the girls through life, preparing them to become great young women.

HS: What is one word that you would like your team to associate with you at the end of the season?

LG: Determination. I came out of high school playing three sports and having to work on and off the court/field to see the results that I wanted. If these girls are determined to work and get better to win more games and improve the program, I will be alongside them every step of the way leading them to become successful players.

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