One on One interview: Future Susquehanna River Hawk Carter Stere
Mar 31, 2022

Editor’s Note: Recently Sportswriter Kenny Varner caught up with one of the newest members of the Susquehanna River Hawk Football team Carter Stere. We talked about his recent signing with the River Hawks and how he got to that point.
HS: How did it feel to get the official word you would be going to Susquehanna college?

CS: It definitely felt good. It showed that all the hard work had paid off that I did in the regular season and off season. It was a good feeling.

HS: I know it’s early but do u know what you might be majoring in?

CS: Right now I’m thinking on majoring in Computer Science.

HS: When will start classes there?

CS: I will be going to Susquehanna in the fall.

HS: What was it about Susquehanna that made you know that’s where you wanted to go?

CS: There was just a certain vibe with it.  The academics. It is a strong academic school which I like. The football program is amazing. The coaches gave off a vibe that different than any other school I was looking at.

It was very comfortable. I like the campus it’s a beautiful campus.

HS: How long have you been playing football?

CS: I started playing when I was in 10th grade.

HS: What position do you play?

CS: Kicker.

HS: Who got you started in the sport?

CS: It’s sort of weird. I have always been a soccer player since I was little. So in ninth grade I went down to field to play soccer and we brought a football along just in case and kicked a couple footballs. I enjoyed it. In my ninth grade year I talked to Coach Nagle and talked about coming out and kicking in 10th grade. That’s how I sort of got into it.

HS: So did you do double duty or did you strictly go to football?

CS:  I continued to play both. Trying balance them both was difficult but it was good.

HS: How much fun was it to be playing for one of the best teams in Central Pennsylvania and possibly the state itself?

CS: It was great! The atmosphere the coaches and the team brought every game was great. Practice was a good environment. It was just fun because you knew you had great teammates around you. And we loved winning. Can’t really go wrong when you’re winning.

It was like a family. You knew your teammates had your back no matter what. It was great because there are a lot of teams that don’t have that. Bald Eagle is definitely something special.

HS: Any favorite moments that come to mind looking back?

CS: Definitely the state playoff run my 10th grade year. It was exciting I had a really good time. Also, finishing out my senior year with all of them. Because they are the kids I’ve grown up with my whole entire life. Which is cool.

HS: What advice would you give to any young player just starting their football career?

CS: Work hard. You can out work anyone if you put in the time and work hard.

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