Mifflin County girls XC battles tough Chambersburg team
Sep 13, 2022

Courtesy of Neil Breneman

The MCXC Girls fought a hard battle against a strong Chambersburg team but came up short losing the meet 43-18. The Chambersburg team was coming off a big race weekend at Kutztown in the PTXC Invitational where they placed 2nd out of 16 teams. Many of the Mifflin County team just returned late Saturday nice from a racing weekend in Texas and have been working hard to get caught up on their school work.

“I knew we would be facing a talented group of girls with a historically strong running program,” said coach Neil Breneman. “I was hoping they would be recovering and resting some from their big weekend and that we could possibly catch them off guard.”

“I encouraged our girls to give everything they had and attack the race from the beginning. They worked incredibly hard on a difficult course. For those that ran on the flat beaches in Texas it was a big welcome home with some pretty good hills through the woods! The same girls that said they preferred some hills while on the beaches of Texas started to change their preferences tonight! The weather is moving closer to ideal running conditions and it is evident that through the training they are in, they are getting stronger.”

Adeline Leason (3) (21:45) and Addie Parson (7) (22:28) ran strong out front for our team posting their fastest times of the season. They did exactly what they needed to do, getting out front and staying there throughout the race. The team is going to depend on them to secure top positions in future meets. Amilia Coffey (10) (23:19) matched up with another determined freshman and also ran a great time securing our third place. As a freshman I expect Amilia is going to keep getting stronger throughout the season and be our vital 3rd position. The closer we move her to Adeline and Addie, the better we will be set-up for the rest of the team to do their work. Finishing out the scoring was Justice Sheaffer (11) (25:00) and Ava Harris (12) (25:43).

For our girls that went to Texas this was their 4th race in 11 days. That is an intense start to the season! They will rest from racing this weekend and we will focus on their training until we square off on our home course, September 20 against Cumberland Valley and State College.

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