MCUSC Tigers dominate Hanover in Saturday soccer action
Oct 15, 2022


HANOVER – It was game of sheer

dominance Saturday as the MCUSC Tigers Girls 13Us headed to Hanover and came home with a 6-1 win.

The team was able to keep the ball

away from the Tigers goalies

today in the contest.

The Tigers held Hanover to only five shots on goal.

Leading the way offensively was

Aubrey Price posting a hat trick-plus one, finishing with four.

Also notching goals were Carolyn Heidenreich and Kolby Stroup.

Collecting saves for the Tigers were

McKenzie Hart with three and Kolby Stroup with two.

MCUSC finished with 14 Defensive Clears on the afternoon.

Notching clears were Elysia Lopez (7), Kently Stroup (3), Hayley Cramer (2) Carolyn Heidenreich (1) and Kennedy Strawser (1).

The Tigers’ passing game was working, hitting 44 Completed passes.

Carolyn Heidenreich who was on

fire with the passing, completed 11.

Teammates Aubrey Price and Olivia Mummah both tallied six.

Drue Hoffman finished with as both

Kaylyx Dunn and Kently Stroup hit three.

Kennedy Strawser, Aubrev Shearer and Kolby Stroup followed with two.

Rounding things out for the Tigers were McKenzie Hart, Elysia Lopez

Hayley Cramer and Ella Feltman with one.

MCUSC pounded Hanover’s goal with 17 shots on goal.

Leading the way were Aubrey Price (7)Ella Feltman (3), Carolyn Heidenreich (2), Kently Stroup (2),

Kaylyx Dunn (1) and Elysia Lopez (1)

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