King tops Kahlua saving career, in 7Mtn. Crossroads
Oct 9, 2022

LEWISTOWN — Seven Mountains Wrestling made its return to Mr.Stax Fitness Saturday night for another exciting showcase of Professional Wrestling action. It did not take very long for the action to heat up as 7MW champion, D-Licious made an appear to start the show and immediately began berating the 7MW fan base. He then proceeded to call out Lewistown’s own J-Kat who challenged D to a 7MW championship match for the night. HoweverD-Licious was not interested and turned his back to J-Kat which only was revealed to be a set up as Adrian Bliss attacked J-Kat before long time fan favorite Robnoxious came to the ring and made the save. Rob and J-Kat then challenged them to a tag team match but again was rejected. That was until The Govna appeared and told them that they must be in the match orD-Licious will be stripped of the 7MW title. And that the match itself was a fans bring a weapon match. The match was the main event of the evening and as you would expect out of a hardcore match, things got a little crazy. In fact, things got so intense that fans began throwing chairs into the ring. From there one out all four men gave it their all, but in the end, it was Rob and J-Kat to come home with a victory. One of the biggest matches of the night was title versus career as King Kahlua looked to defend the No DQ championship against Malcolm King in a two out of three falls match. Kahlua took the first fall of the match by hitting King in the head with the brass knuckles. But Malcolm managed to battle back and take the second fall with a roll up after Kahlua smacked into the turnbuckle. It all came down to the third and final fall both King and Kahlua were giving each other their best shots. Kahlua got the upper hand and went to grab a chair and swung it towards King, who was able to avoid the chair shot and the chair bounced off the top rope and smacked Kahlua in the head dropping him onto the mat. Malcolm took advantage and hammered him with a big splash to pick up the third and final fall to save his career….

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