HWF shines Saturday opening New Year in style
Jan 16, 2023

By Josh Yoder

LEWISTOWN — The people of Lewistown packed in the HWF Colosseum for another exciting night of professional wrestling.

The night began with a triple threat elimination tag team match between, David Hetfield and Robert Wright of the Regulators, taking on Tyler Moore and Samuel Masters of Black Privilege and a surprise tag team in Allen Clayball and Sage Matthews aka Dawg Nation.

The crowd was in awe of the wrestling showcase as well as respect between the members of Dawg Nation and Black Privilege. Only to be ruined thanks to Hetfield and Wright.

But the eliminations started to compile as Black Privilege were the first before the Regulators finished the job and lately eliminating Dawg Nation for the victory.

The next match featured the return of fan favorite Red Dawg as he went one on one with Arawn Connors. Connors did his best, but was unable to hang with the unorthodox style of Red Dawg which he took advantage and finished off Connors.

Lewistown Original Edward James looked to defend the HWF Extreme heavyweight championship against challenger Robbie Paige.

But ultimately it ended up being Paige who came out on top as James was looking to use a weapon on Paige. However, cooler heads prevail and dropped the weapon. And Paige took advantage and hammered James with a Concussion Kick for the one, two, three to become the new HWF Extreme heavyweight champion.

RD Mosh then competed in a singles match against Andrew Loveless. The match was intense and Loveless nearly ran over the official but managed to stop before causing any harm. Meanwhile, Mosh rolls out of the ring and was met by the Pit Chick who was expressing her “affection” for him.

That only was a distraction as Loveless walked over to get Mosh back into the ring, the Pit Chick spitted mist right into his eyes and Mosh finished the job for the win.

But that wasn’t all Mosh wanted, he continued his assault on Loveless only to be stopped by the President of Wrestling Phil Stamper. Mosh demanded that Stamper give him what he wanted which Stamper agreed with Mosh getting his shot with Red Dawg at the next HWF show.

Lestat made an appearance at the show, and was upset for not being booked to wrestling at the show. But like the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you just made get it. RK Swayer along with Lilith made their debuts and viciously assaulted Lestat.

In one of the most brutal matches of the night, “The Titan” James Ford went one on one with John Rodin which appeared as though both wrestlers looked more interested in just brawling than going for the pin. However, the ten-minute time limit had expired. Ford demanded that the match restarted, but HWF Commissioner Trista Silks reminded Ford that she was in charge and told both men that the match was over.

Unfortunately, Trista soon regretted those choice words as husband and HWF World Championship Matt “TRK” Silks had just competed in a while Main Event with challenger Zack Rayne aka “The White Rabbit” which was arguably one of the toughest challenges that TRK had faced during his title reign. But Matt managed to catch Rayne on top of the turnbuckle and dropped him with a Muscle Buster and retain the title.

Then the Titan made an appearance and quickly stepped right into the face of the champion who was already a bloody mess and basically told him to stop hiding behind his wife and challenged him for the HWF World title. After the match was made, Ford took his shot and left TRK laying in the middle of the ring.

Until next time. Hope and Pray everyone had a good time at the show. God Bless and Be Safe! See you at the next HWF show.

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