HWF returns for Fun Night of ACTION!!!
May 14, 2023

By Josh Yoder
LEWISTOWN – The HWF Colosseum was rocking with excitement as HWF returned for their Ass Kicking Saturday Night show.
The show started with the HWF champion James “The Titan” Ford storming in the ring looking for a fight after the defeating Matt “TRK” Silks in the previous show in controversy.
However, Ford was unable to get himself a challenger which enraged him and took is frustrations out on a trainee. But before Ford to do anymore harm, Sledge Gibson hustled his way to the ring and challenged for the HWF title.
In the main event of the evening, both Ford and Gibson were throwing haymakers and gave one another their best shot. In fact, the ring itself could not contain these two warriors as fans were trying their best to avoid the mayhem they were bringing.
At any moment, it appeared as though one or the other had the upper hand. That was until Gibson came off the ropes and Ford clipped him with the Rumbling and retained his championship.
As mentioned earlier, there were some much controversy surrounding the recent title match between TRK and Ford when a towel was thrown in to stop Ford from ending the career of Silks. However, the fans had found it a bit odd of the motives of one Jason Havoc.
With that in mind, Havoc came out to the ring to help clear up some of those issues for the fans. But Havoc also came out for some business as well as he had brought out a contract to give to Mr. TRK as well which was a two year extension which Silks accepted. HWF Promoter Trista Silks also came out along with Phil Stamper who sign another contract that changed the By-Laws that anytime a controversy arises, the former champion can be given a rematch.
Havoc again wanted to show that he had the best intentions for Silks during his match against Eric Hammel. With the official down after an accidental contact from TRK, Hammel wrapped his hand with a chain and dropped Silks to the mat.
Hammel went to do it again but Havoc appeared and took it away from Hammel and tossed it to Silks before leaving the ring. Unfortunately for TRK, the official had woken up and saw him with the chain and immediately disqualified him which left the fans again confused of his intentions.
There were a pair of mishaps during the show as well starting with RD Mosh along with the Pit Chick went one on one against Lestat. Mosh had the upper hand and was planning to use the Pit Chick to finish off Lestat.
But their plan backfired as Pit Chick looked to slap Lestat in the face only to hit Mosh and Lestat would take advantage to get the one, two, three.
Another miscue happened during the singles match between Robbie Paige against Sawyer along with his manager Lilith.
Near the end of the match, Lilith had ahold of Paige on the apron but managed to escape as Sawyer knocked Lilith to the floor in which Paige dropped Sawyer to the mat and finished him off with a 180 Frog Splash.
The dynamic duo of Andrew Loveless and Edward James collectively known as Violent Love with their manager Chill Will were in tag team action against Pav Novak and Derik Wayne along with their Finicail Benefactor Eric Johnson. The match itself didn’t seem that it was going to happen as Novak and Wayne did not want to wrestle unless the straps were on the line.
With no other choice, Violent Love put the titles on the line, but with the support of Chill Will, they were able to retain the titles.
There was triple threat match at the show between John Washington, Arawn Conners failed to handle the Madness of Trip who came out victorious.
The team of Zack Rayne and John Rodin aka NeverFall competed against Rob Wright and David Hetfield codename the Regulators where Rodin and Rayne reigned supreme after hitting the Climb Hazard.
Hope everyone at the show got home safety and had enjoyed the show.
If you are still in the mood for some pro wrestling, you can check out the 7MW, Valor and CCW supershow over at the WellSpan Park in York, Pa this coming Saturday May 20.
Until next time. God Bless and Be Safe!

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