HWF: Animosity at the Colosseum
May 13, 2022

On May 7th, a flood advisory was issued for Mifflin County, but that wouldn’t stop Honorary Wrestling Federation from bringing Lewistown Community Center, Animosity; a show dedicated to late musician Chip Jabs, that passed away a year ago.
Phil Stamper the President of HWF started the show off by welcoming the fans to Animosity. Letting them know that there was a great show that they were about to watch. As the show was opening; Andy Hoar one half of the HWF commentary team had a few backstage interviews.
Animosity first match was with one of HWF’s fan favorites Red Dawg; The Kayfabe Junkies Champion. His opponent was new comer Chris Andino. It looked like Red Dawg had the match under control, that is until Rd Mosh came and stood ring side and distracted Red Dawg. That allowed Andino to hit Red Dawg with a blow to the back and getting the pin; becoming the New Kayfabe Junkies Champion. The crowd was not happy to see Red Dawg lose the Championship.
After an exciting start of the show, we had what was suppose to be their second match on the card. Rayic Scott came to the ring for his match with Steve Steel, but unfortunately Steve would jump Rayic from behind before the bell could ring. Rayic Scott was then escorted to the back due to injury sustained by Steve Steel.
Up next were two wrestlers making their HWF debuts from AON (All or Nothing Professional Wrestling) in Johnstown Pa. David Hatfield would face off against James Ford. With Ford being a newcomer to HWF, he sure got a nice crowd pop when he came out. Unfortunately Hatfield was no match for Ford. Ford picked up the win with a beautiful powerbomb to Hatfield.
As the match ended and the wrestlers headed to the back; a table was being set up in the middle of the ring for a contract signing. The President Phil Stamper and Owner Trista Silks then came out. Phil announced for RD Mosh to join them. Things very quickly took a turn when RD Mosh entered the ring. He proceeded to toss the table out of the ring. RD Mosh stated that he has seen how these signings are and the table needed to go. Trista handed him his contract, which RD Mosh then signed. He proceeded to thank Phil for the opportunity to wrestle for HWF, but quickly turned to Trista and had some very harsh words for her. As the fans started to chant TRK, RD Mosh continued to belittle Trista as she stood in shook as he told her to return to the kitchen and make him dinner. Phil and Trista had enough and exited the ring, but not before Trista turned back to and motioned at the curtain. As she did this, the fans started chanting for Chuck Silks, the brother in law of owner Trista. Unexpectly it was not Chuck Silks that stepped out from behind the curtains. It was SWA (Summit Wrestling Association) Mid-Atlantic Champion Wildman Robbie Paige. Some might not know, but back in March, RD Mosh jumped the Mid-Atlantic Champ at SWA in Shady Grove, PA. The Wildman had come for his revenge; as he would take RD Mosh to his limits. Robbie Paige would pin RD Mosh to retain his SWA Mid-Atlantic Championship. As Paige was celebrating his win, RD Mosh would try to make his way to the back. Before he had that chance, Phil Stamper and Trista Silks return to inform Mosh that he has one more thing to do that night. He was told he would have to once again put the stripes on and ref the main event. You could see the disappointment on his face as he knew he should have read his contract before signing it.
Up next was a tag team match. Making their HWF debut, Black Privilege took on HWF’s own Steve Steel with his partner Eric Ecton. Though the match would not last long as Rayic Scott would interfere and lay a huge big boot on Steel, causing Black Privilege to hit their finisher “Gotcha Neck” on Steel to secure the victory.
An intermission followed with Matt TRK Silks stepping out and talking about the late Chip Jabs and the show that was named for him. There were a few family members in the crowd for Chip that night. Matt thanked all that came to support Chip and HWF.
As intermission came to an end, Eric Hammel would come out of the curtain on crutches and accompanied by Edward James and Captain D Capitate. They made their way to the ring. Hammel would pick up a mic and started talking down about HWF. It didn’t last long before Chuck Silks made his appearance. Once Chuck got close enough to him, Hammel would smash one of his crutches over Chuck, causing it to break. That started a chase around the ring between Hammel and Chuck. You could see with every passing moment that Chuck Silks was becoming very angry; which then lead to Chuck grabbing a chair and getting himself disqualified from the match. Eric Hammel would pick up the win.
Just when you thought it was done, the main event of the night was upon us. Rd Mosh made his way to the ring, beaten and bruised from his match earlier in the night against The Wildman Robbie Paige. Edwards James music hit and the fans booed as he walked to the ring. Matt TRK Silks entrance music hit and the fans went crazy chanting TRK. James would get the jump on TRK as he would start to beat him down from the get go. It seemed like TRK was making a come back, when James would beat him down again. As the match was coming to an end and the crowd got louder as they chanted TRK. The announcers stood on their feet as James went to the top rope, but as James got to the top, TRK gathered enough energy to hook James with a front face lock and picked up Edwards for an antidote. TRK hooked James leg for the pin. RD Mosh hits the mat and counts 1, 2, 3. As the crowd goes wild chanting TRK, you can hear Jason Heat scream HE DID IT, he did it. Matt TRK Silks is the New HWF Champion! It was a short celebration as RD Mosh can be seen running from the ring, just as Red Dawg enters. He stares down the New Champion and takes off after RD Mosh. Red Dawg was not the only one to interrupt. Eric Hammel and Edwards James would show up ring side. TRK had words with Hammel, as it seems he is disappointed in Hammel for siding with James. As things got heated Rayic Scott joined the Silks Bros in the ring and called out Steve Steel for jumping him. The fans chanted that they wanted to see a tag match between them all of them at Summerfest. A 3 on 3 Tag Team match between The Silks bros and Rayic Scott vs Felony and Steve Steel was made on the spot from Owner Trista Silks. As the show ended, you could see the fans gathered around the New HWF Champion Matt TRK Silks for photos and autographs.
Animosity will be a yearly show for the late Chip Jabs. HWF would like to thank the Willow Workbench, Sacred Gem Tattoo, Baumgardner Wrestling Photography and Mama Dawn’s Photography.

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