Huskies track honors their former Mentor, Scot Sechler
Apr 25, 2023

By Kenny Varner

LEWISTOWN – This one’s for you Scot!!

Every time the Huskies meet up with their rival State College on the track it’s always just a little more than just a regular meet. The intensity level on both sides rises in this friendly competition.

Tuesday at the MIfflin County high school, the day was a little more special and a little more important as  the Huskies track and field team honored longtime mentor and coach Scot Sechler as they hosted the Scot Sechler Memorial Melanoma Awareness Meet.

Sechler, who succumbed to the disease late last year, was remembered as the school filled the hill and packed the track with black shirts to recognized their coach. The money earned from the shirts, raffles and donations went to one of Sechler’s favorite organizations.

With perfect weather conditions and strong competition on the track and in the field events, the day would have been one the veteran coach would have loved.

His entire family was present for the event as well as friends and former comrades.

The event was the idea of former athletes of Sechler, Athletic Director Tish Maclay, MIfflin County girls track and field coach Scott Gantz and MIfflin County Boys coach and wife Tamara Sechler.

Numerous local business participated in donating items for a raffle.

After the meet, there was a group walk around the Huskies track honoring Sechler’s legacy on and off the field of play.

As the two teams finished up their last events, the night’s attention was focused on the man that many knew in many different levels but most importantly he was a friend to all.

Nothing showed that as much as the group of family, friends, former associates and the very athletes that he coached as well as the Little Lions squad.

Before walking the honors lap around, guest speakers Jim Ream and Craig Sechler said a few words about Scot and his impact he has made in his short time.

The memorial walk around the track reached 1/4 of the way across the track.

As the motto on the blackout shirts stated “We don’t walk alone!”

Truer words have never been spoken!

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