For the love of violence! 7 Mtn wrestling brings the passion!
Feb 13, 2023

By Kenny Varner

LEWISTOWN – Seven Mountains Wrestling went all out Saturday night at MR Stax as the brought their A-game as they pulled out all the stops in their ‘For the Love of Violence’ show.

Highlighting the night was the Main Event Hardcore Match that put RobNoxious, Malcom King and Matt Silks going up against Adrian Bliss, RD Moss and Edward James.

The night opened with Bliss, Mosh, and Edward James coming out to taunt the audience and brag how they are going to top “TRK” King, Noxious.

It didn’t take long for the trio to come out with a response.

They chased Bliss into the ring but he escaped.

In the process they got the standing room only crowd riled up!!

After each wrestler gave their stern warning against Bliss and company, the segment ended with Silk’s stern response to Bliss and company

“This all Ends in the ring tonight!,” said Silks.

Shortly afterwards Aaron Truth came out dressed like his opponent for the night Matt Quay.

Truth mocked Quay and his star spangled persona. Quay quickly stormed the ring and took Truth down and started a back and forth brawl that went out of the ring and into the crowd. Quay got the upper hand and chased Truth back into the dressing room.

In the night’s only Exhibition Match,

Was a Fort Noxious Student match..

The Governor  went up a young Austin Christopher from Ft. Noxious, with Stephon Ramon as the guest referee.

The Governor had the early advantage against the young Austin, putting on a continuous choke hold on Austin.

Austin pulled off a roll over and got a two count but for not as he was suplexed, for a 2 count.

Austin battled back with another rollover off the ropes. Later in the contest, Austin used a big boot to put down the Governor for another count of two. He would later finish with another roll over for three Count. and the win.

In the first official match of the night, E.N. Bush took on Mr. ping.

Bush came out first and patiently waited for Ping to come out.

Ping came out to a room full of cheers. Before locking up, Bush dove out of ring and was counted to seven coming back in to lockup. Ping imitates Bush as he slides out and sits with a spectator before getting things going. Both sat out in the stands, waiting for the other to get in the ring before the 10 count.

When two finically locked up exchanged blows and chops. Bush slides out again but Ping was not having it this time. Ping is chased Bush. Ping finally gets Bush in and sends a message by giving him a chest slap.

Bush kicks Ping in the face twice. Doing a third Austin comes out from the back out. Ping uses the distraction to his advantage and performs a front flip and pinned Bush with Austin on top of Bush. Ping takes the pin.

There was a Title change in the the 7 Mountain’s women’s championship when Dodge Inya (Scream Queen) challenged Izzy McCoy for the gold. Dodge opens with a sneak attack

when she smacks Izzy in the back giving her control early.

Dodge pushed her to the ropes had her was able to get her down for two count. Izzy was able to roll out and take the turn the tides and took advantage of her sudden momentum. Both battled back and forth at the corner ropes. Izzy got the worst of it as she found herself being choked at the ropes. Dodge started biting Izzy. She continued with a Slap to the chest followed with a flying forearm in the corner.

Izzy battled back and picked up and dropped Dodge twice.

However, Dodge came back with an arm bar and pulled it back while she started choking Izzy.

Dodge Choked out giving Dodge the title.

In the third match of the evening, Badguys Crazy Chris with his mentor General Keisel  went up against the one and only JCat  in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

JCat took the first advantage keeping Chris down and forcing him to tag in Keisel.

Keisel put JCat down for a quick two count. Keisel distracted the ref while Chris came over and started choking JCat. JCat got up and placed an impressive standing dropkick on Keisel forcing him to tag.

JCat was holding his own.

Chris had JCat down for another two count but JCat refused to stay down.

Started using the 2-to-1 factor to their advantage.

Keisel got JCat up on the top of the corner only for JCat to take an offensive stand.

JCat proceeded with Back drops were the medicine as he proceeded to do it to both Keisel and Chris. In the process Chris accidentally hit Keisel. JCAT used it to his advantage as he put on the cross face for the win.

There was a changing of the tag team guard in the 7 Mountain tag team division. The Cult took their championship belt and went to defended it against the Ghost Ryderz. While waiting for the Cult to make their entrance from the lockeroom, the Cult snuck in behind blind siding the Ghost Ryderz from the other side of the building. The two battled off mat and onto the floor.

The challengers threw out the Cult’s manager as the match got underway.

The Cult held the early advantage the had the Ryderz on the ropes, literally. Using numerous double team efforts in the corner.

Their manager Continued distracting ref as well. But gets thrown out while the Ryderz gets thrown out of the ring.

Later the Ryderz was able to finally work a tag, the team and proceeded to work a double team effort as well, ending with with a flying neck drop. Kick out of nowhere by the Cult almost did in Ghost Ryderz in. The Cult’s manager snuck back out from the lockeroom, looking to hit a chair shot on one of the Ryderz. But he accidentally struck his own partner in the process. The Ryderz would finish off the Cult was they put on their cowboy hats a planted double knees to their opponent. With a quick grab of the leg and a three count as the GhostRyderz won title.

At the Intermission, Opening the second part of the night Delicious – the King of the Streets came in the ring calling out all comers – for his title. He got a response from Demarcus Kane. Kane came out to challenge him for the title.  He runs into the ring as Delicious runs out. He runs back to the dressing room while Kane gets the mic and challenges officially challenges the champion.

In Match 5, at stake was the 7Mountain Sky High Championship  when champion Quay went toe-to-toe with Truth.

Truth attacked Quay from behind early on and after going around the side of the ring, went back in the ring as the bell goes off. Quay hits a chop to the chest and kicks Truth out of the ring and then jumps over the ropes on him outside of the ring. But Truth battles back to take control of Quay in the middle of the ring. He tried for a two count but could not get the pin count on “the Hammer.”

Truth continued to keep the momentum going. Truth hit a back body drop to Hammer. Flying body press but ref was knocked out… got only two count. A Back breaker by Truth forced a 2-count. While Quay layed on the mat, Truth took Quay’s wooden American flag and set it up in the corner. He went to pick Quay up to throw him into it but Quay reversed it and Truth himself went through the board, splintering it and breaking it in two.

Quay used this shift in momentum and Flew off the ropes and on top of Truth, defending his title.

It was a Hardcore war in match six. The Tag team combo of Tyler Symz and King Kaluha went face-to-face against the combo of JT Funk and Jeff Hawk.

JT Funk opened the match by throwing  Kaluha out ring.

Once Kaluha got back into the ring, the two locked back up. Kaluha slapped Funk. But Funk immediately returned the favor.

Hawk, Funk and Kaluha and Symz started to battle each other both outside of ring.

When order resumes, Symz gets tagged in to go up against Hawk

After taking control Kaluha hit Hawk with a slap on the chest. But Hawk recovered and hit a body press to almost get the near fall but settled for just a 2-count.

Later in the match, the was a  Double team on Hawk which leads to a full slam. Sync and Kaluha   continue to double team him behind the refs back. Kaluha notched a 2- count of his own but not a pin as Hawk kicked out. Kaluha retaliated with a Knee to throat but could not keep Hawk down! Hawk then hit Kaluha with a Sunset flip by Shake two. Symz takes care of Skate when Funk gets knocked down by Pine head. Back breaker Jeff Hawk. Symz went off top rope into a knee, allowing Hawk to tag was funk. Funk Takes care of both after he enters Funk performs a Flying leap off top rope but could only get a two count. A Neck breaker by Symz and a pin by Kahlula gave the two bad guys the victory.

Delicious took on the the “King Pin” Kane for a title attempt. Kane pushed Delicious in the ring after he tried to waste time outside the ring. Kane proceeded to land a flying kick to the chin to Delicious . Kane had the champion in corner, proving numerous chops to the chest. With shirt over Delicious’ head, Kane had the advantage early. The veteran turned things around as he ducked out of a way of a charging Kane in the corner.

Delicious delivered a standing kick to the chin that rocked Kane, giving him control of the match.

The Ref was then distracted to deal with outside interference.

An Elbow smash by Delicious led to  a Standing DDT, which wore Kane down.

But a rejuvenated Kane turned the tide back in his side and picked up Delicious  and carried straight into the turnbuckle.

After a Back suplex by Kane, the two started trading punches.

After seeming very frustrated, Delicious delivered a low blow to the referee causing a disqualification and giving Kane the victory. However, Delicious kept the title as the title could not be lost via a DQ.

In the MAIN EVENT, it was a 6-man hardcore match Mosh, James and Bliss went up against Living Legends Noxious, King and TRK.

The Legends came out and got together at ringside before going into ring as they planned their strategy.

King opened up the contest versus James. James tried to start the match by trying to slam the much bigger King as a result James would injure his back.

For his efforts, James would get slammed by King and then received a flying elbow.

Mosh would try his hand at King as he tug in and but couldn’t  do anything. Mosh would get a giant Slap to chest.

King would tag in his partner TRK, to take on Mosh. Mosh would temporarily get the upper hand as he is caught in wrong corner. TRK is then choked by Bliss and is put down for a two count.

The choke drew out Noxious and Bliss used the distraction by the referee while to their advantage. As TRK was taken to the wrong corner. Bliss got Silks into the middle of the ring and attempted a Boston crab on TRK. Silks attempted to turn things around putting Bliss into a sunset

flip and was halted in mid try by Bliss. Silks was rammed back into corner.

James and Moss slid out of the ring for the Second time.

The two attack King and Noxious . The dirty trick led to Noxious getting in the ring one-on-one with Bliss.

He cleared him out of the ring as the match excitement went outside the ring. Silks took to the top rope and  knocked everyone down with a back flip out of the ring.

Noxious brought out a baseball bat and knocked Mosh with Chair. He flips him upside down in the corner put the chair on him and hit the chair with the bat to Mosh, causing sparks to radiate from the now broken chair. King had taken a groggy James into middle of the ring and sat him in a chair and came off the ropes with a splash on him. Bliss hit Malcom with chair and then got the tables out for King. However, Noxious and King sent James through that very table to end it and notch the victory.

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