For the Love of the Game; Lady Raiders make most of rainy day
Apr 17, 2023

Photos by Tim Weight

By Kenny Varner

BELLEFONTE – What sports is all about!

One of the most refreshing things I’ve witnessed recently happened recently at the O’Leary Memorial Softball Tournament hosted by the Bellefonte softball team.

Despite the miserable rainy weather that would eventually cancel the tournament, the Red Raiders and Forest Hills teams made the most of the temporary stop in play.

While waiting for the game to be called, The teams danced to the Music that was playing over the sound system.

As they were waiting for the final word, the teams hit to the hill and started jumping and sliding down the hill via Little League World Series style, making the most of the unfortunate rainy conditions.

It was great to see these athletes be able to find fun even in the utmost terrible conditions!!

They definitely made those watching less upset about the eventual cancellation of the tournament and also enjoyed the afternoon, even when being soaked from head to toe by Mother Nature.

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