College Update: PSU Scranton’s Cade Penepacker
Jan 24, 2023

Editor’s note: Recently, editor Kenny Varner caught up with Penn State Scranton basketball played Cade Penepacker.

He asked him about his first year of college, his high school career and other items from his past. Enjoy…

HS: How did you feel when you got the official word that you were selected to compete in basketball at PSU-Scranton?

CP: Playing college basketball had been a dream of mine since I was a kid so it meant a lot to me and I was very excited to get the opportunity to do so. 

HS: How much tougher is the competition compared to high school?

CP: The game is a lot faster and the athletes are much more mature and a lot stronger, so it is a lot tougher.

HS: What position do they have you playing at? 

CP: I am playing small forward and power forward depending on the game.

HS: What was your experience like heading on campus for the first time at the school? 

CP: I was very nervous because of how far away I am from home, but I have adjusted and like it a lot. 

HS: How does it feel to be playing at the next level ?

CP: It feels great to play at the next level. 

HS: I know it’s early but do you have a major in mind?

CP: I am majoring in nursing. 

HS: Who has been big influences in your basketball career?

CP: My family, coaches and teammates have all helped me get to where I am today by pushing me to get better and believing in me.

HS: What age did you start participating in basketball?

CP: I have been playing since I was 4 years old.

HS: What is your favorite sports memory that you cherish during high school?

CP: My favorite sports memory from high school was recording a double double in the second half of my senior night game.

HS: What would you say is you biggest strength ?

CP: My biggest strength is my work ethic.

HS: What are your individual goals for the upcoming season?

CP: This season I was a role player. Next year I want to be a big contributor and score the ball more. 

HS: What are your goals for your college tenure? Could be athletics and/or education wise? 

CP: My main goal is to get my nursing degree and to finish top 50 in my class. On the court I want to compete for a PSUAC championship.

HS: Biggest college moment so far?

CP: My biggest college moment was making the dean’s list in the first semester with a 3.74 GPA. 

HS: What advice would you give to any younger athlete starting out in basketball?  

CP: My advice is to not take any day for granted. If you have a goal to play in college you have to work as hard as you can to get there. You also need to enjoy the process and have fun. Everything goes better when you are having fun. 


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