Central PA. Lions Ninth grade basketball team take championship
Apr 25, 2023

The Central Pa. Lions 9th Grade Team won their 1st Championship of the season. The beat BSA Boys Team from Pittsburgh, PA 67-43 on Sunday April 23rd at the 16th Annual Pittsburgh Hoops Fest Championship Tournament. Here’s a list of the players: 

1. Ashton Barr 

2. Noah Diventra 

3. Gavin Dunkle 

4. Roan Greaser 

5. Aaron Henninger 

6. Dylan Hicks 

7. Ethan Hicks 

8. Josh Lowery 

9. Seth Simendinger

10. Reau Vaughn 

11. Tyriece Smith 

12. Jayden Wolfe 

Coach Mike Walker 

Coach Tj Anderson

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