Caged Fury raged through Lewistown as Seven Mountains Wrestling returned with a vengeance
Aug 15, 2022

Caged Fury

By Kenny Varner

LEWISTOWN – It was a night of Caged Fury.

Seven Mountain Wrestling was back in action Saturday at its home at Mr. Stax.

The group brought its A-game as the line up from bottom to top was nothing less spectacular. It was “sit in the edge of your seats non-stop action.”

Highlighting the night was a steel cage title match featuring the legend Robnoxious against One half of the tag team the Pony Express, Bliss.

Coming out to start the night were the tag title holders, the Cult. Trying to get things started by addressing the locals. But the Lewistown fans weren’t having it… In came the tag team of Dawg Nation to flip the script and put the attention back to wrestling by challenging the Cult to a title match.

General Manager Malcom King came out to get the match confirmed and as he did he had a fan come out of the stands to announce the tag match. It was then made official a steel cage tag team championship match.

Before the dust settled with the Cult and Dawg Nation, 7Mtns. Heavyweight Title holder D-Licious “the King of the streets” came in and started lambasting the fans and running down the different wrestlers out comes High flying J-Kat and challenges D-Licious to a steel cage match as well to be held later in the evening. Challenge accepted.

The first match Mr. Ohlala versus was escorted to the ring by Tyler Symz was Zino.

Ohlala left ring and started to complain.

Zino got the crowd into it as Ohlala complained to the fans chanting “Nusing Home” to the older wrestler.

After about five minutes,  the two finally locked up and Ohlala was taken to the corner.  Ohlala got the early advantage after a kick to the midsection but back came Zino dropping Ohlala to the mat. He then followed with a drop kick to off the ropes taking Ohlala back down and out of the ring. Zino went for the pin but got only a two count.

A rake to the eyes changed the momentum as sent Zino hard into the corner. While in the corner Ohlala pulled a foreign object out of his tights but was caught by thr ref. However, he also had salt and threw it as the referee was distracted. His throw was off missing Zino and then he decided to act like it was thrown by Zino. When the referee turned he saw Ohlala on the ground. The confused ref, after looking at the situation disqualified Zino the giving Ohlala the win by DQ.

In the Second match of the evening, the 7Mtns. Wrestling woman’s championship title was on the line as Izzy McCoy defended her title against Rebecca Payne, the 2-time queen of the death match. Both started with an exchange of pushes to each other and then Izzy took down Payne came down with a head scissors.

Payne quickly reversed, it a rolling Izzy up on a two count.

Both returned to their feet and Izzy went up to the top rope and flew down onto Payne.  But Payne was unphased as she came from behind Izzy and took out her right knee, taking the momentum back. Payne continued to work the injured leg. But Izzy dropped Payne with a chin buster.

Despite getting the best of Payne, Izzy’s knee still hampered her through the match as she limped her way through.

After chasing Payne around outside. Izzy grabbed the chair from Payne forcing the ref to come into get back control. He tried to take it out of Izzy’s hands and proceeded to inadvertently hit Izzy.

But the match was called and the two brawled afterward. Leading into wrestlers coming out to break the two up, resulting in a Double disqualification.

In Third match of the night, Chappo went head-to-head against Cowboy Conway.

The two locked up and Chappo led with a back drop that landed Conway to the mat for a two count.

Conway went off the ropes twice finishing with a duck under landing with a leap into Chappo, evening the match. He then went to an arm bar and continued to wind it up. He sent Chappo to the ring and hit him with a clothes line, getting him down on the mat for a two-count.

An eye rake by Chappo put the momentum back on his side.

Chappo went to the scorpion move, grabbing the legs. He then got Cowboy up with a running drop kick to take the win.

Afterward, As Conway layed on the mat Out came veteran wrestler J-Money.

Money came out and offered his services to manage the youngster..

With a break in the action, In came Stephon and Bliss to the ring bragging about their being the best tag team out there but was quickly interrupted by Robnoxious. The was Back and forth banter between the two. It would be a Preview of the cage match Main Event that was to come! Noxious was able to get the last word before the card headed into its Fourth match.

Dead Boy took on Crazy Chris Chichester.

Chichester came out with snap over take down to Dead Boy. Chichester did not let up as he started to focus on working the neck.

Both locked up with Dead Boy, taking a quick time to regroup as he rolled out of the ring.

Dead Boy put Chichester in the corner and supplied chops to the chest. But Chichester reversed it and returned the favor supplying his own chops on Dead Boy’s chest.

The Cult tried interfere but Chichester continued his assault, taking Dead Boy down to the mat. Dead Boy raked the eyes taking back the momentum.

Dead Boy distracted the referee while a member of the Cult worked Chichester over in the corner of the ring. But Chichester rallied back despite the odds, putting Dead Boy hard to the mat.

Again a second distraction by Cult was enough to catch Chichester off guard as Dead Boy was able to take Chichester down to mat for the three count.

In the The Money Pit, host J-Money held the had its long awaited return. His guest was Matt Quay who was wrestling for the Sky High Championship belt versus General Keiser in a Steel Cage match.

against talk about his steel cage match later tonight. Out comes Aaron Truth to interrupt Hammer and J-Money. He talked his way into competing with Quay and Keiser for the vacant title.

In the last of the non-cage matches, King Kaluha, who was the title holder versus Malcom King.

Kaluha took the early advantage putting King in the corner and worked him over slamming his head in the turnbuckle.

Kaluha tried some splashes but King retailtated forcing Kaluha to slide underneath the ropes to regroup.

King followed Kaluha around the outside and finally caught back up with him as Kaluha darted back in the ring. King caught up and took Kaluha’s head from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. The crowd favorite followed Kahlula outside forcing him to get back in the ring as Kaluha begged for mercy. But King continued to throw Kaluha into the turnbuckles and finished with awesome chest shot. King went for the bear hug on Kaluha which started wearing him down but the fiesty veteran battled back and went to using a foreign object to King’s throat getting a 2-count. Kaluha worked King with a head lock, rolling him back and getting a 2-count.

Kaluha continued to work the headlock. King battled back as he tried to regain his advantage but after the two went off the ropes. Kaluha then put on a sleeper hold.

But to no avail as King rallied back.  Using his weight to his advantage, King backed Kaluha in the corner.

As King was getting ready to end things, Ohlala came to interfere, Kaluha went to the brass knuckles hitting King from behind with a shot and the second went to his chin, helping Kaluha land the pinfall.

After the match, King challenged Kahlula to one more match. It will be a Career for title at next match 2-out-3 falls match at the next 7 Mountain event.

At the intermission, the cage was constructed and the excitement was about to take another level.

First up,  in the 7 Mountains Heavyweight championship match, D-Licious and J-Kat were ready to get the action started. D-Licious got some hits to the face. However, J-Kat retaliated and dropped “The King of the Streets” on the ground.

But that quickly turned when D-Licious took back the control of the match, stomping down on his smaller opponent. J-Kat battled right back as he came with a series of chops.

But the bigger D-Licious retaliated with a slam of J-Kat.

J-Kat tried did reverse the momentum by doing a flying leap off the third rope for a flying body press. D-Licious caught J-Kat which led to ended in a slam. Both battled back and forth. J-Kat did a corkscrew manauver off the top rope but could not keep D-Licious down for the 3-count. He had two 2-counts on the champion. D-Liscious reversed things and put him down for the 2-count and then rolled him up for the small package and 1-2-3 count, keeping the title with D-Licious.

In the second steel cage match, it would be for the tag team championship belts as the challengers Dawg Nation were looking to take the belts away from the Cult. The Nation was attacked by the Cult but they reversed fortunes early on. But the Nation got a little sweet revenge as threw the champs into into the cage.

It looked as if it would be an easy win for the Nation as the headed for the opened gate but little did they know that the door would close quickly by Dead Boy who was standing outside.

The Cult took control. As they were able to get the victory after handcuffing Sage on the cage.

From there the Cult pinned the other Dawg for the win.

In the battle for the vacant Sky high championship – Truth, Keisel and  Quay triple threat cage match, lined up to do battle.

Keisel started things out with a impressive clothes line of Quay. Keisel and Truth doubled up on Quay but then Keisel turned his attention on Truth. Keisel went back to work on Quay but it wasn’t long. Quay started to climb out but the cage shifted and he fell, allowing Keisel to get back to his feet back and set his sights back to Quay. Truth planted a drop kick to Keisel.

With Keisel down, it put Truth one on one with Quay. Again, Keisel made himself known, dropping Quay once again and then Truth. Keisel found himself at the wrong end of some fencing when Quay sent him flying into the ropes and onto the cage.

Again, Quay hit a move to Keisel after reversing things. Quay went up the cage but missed Keisel on the way down as Keisel rolled away. .

Truth followed Quay’s miscue with a neck breaker, taking control of the match as Keisel remained down.

However, Quay got back up surprised Truth with a standing Drop kick allowing Truth to fly out of the ring and in the process capturing the vacant Sky High Title.

After that Keisel got a spine buster after trying to start something with an already frustrated Quay. Quay ended the night as he hit a flying forarm off the cage.

The Main Event Bliss against from the Pony Express. Came out hitting him with a baseball bat and then worked around the ring area with a chair.

Bliss took an early advantage as  tripped Robnoxious as he entered the cage and into the ring.

Bliss took the chair and set it up in the corner only to have it used against him as Rob reversed it. Tag team partner of Bliss’ Stephon threw a bat into the ring. Noxious was able to draw first blood and then proceeded to work on Bliss, knocking him down into the chair that was now laying in the middle of the ring. Bliss reversed it back and then put Noxious into the chair. With the match in his control and Bliss laying in the center of the mat, the Living Legend tried to crawl up the cage but was stopped by Bliss as he was  hit by a chair.

Bliss tried to take advantage by taking out the referee and rendering him motionless.

Bliss got bottles of water thrown to him by Stephon. Bliss doused the water on Noxious and then hit him into Stephon, zapped him with an electric stunner to the legend. Bliss left ring and then proceeded to attacked Noxious’ wife . But Noxious, now enraged with the situation slammed Bliss through table, ending the match and shattering the ttable with a what turned the Cage Match  to a pin counts anywhere match. As Robnoxious got the three count on a very bloody Bliss.

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