Athlete to Athlete: Bellefonte athlete Mason Jackson interviews PSU phenom Jalen Pickett
Apr 5, 2023

Editor’s Note: Recently Mason Jackson, son of feature writer Tara Jackson, had the opportunity to sit down with former Penn State Basketball player and future NBA player Jalen Pickett

HS: What made you decide to play basketball?

JP: My older brother was my role model when I was growing up and I just wanted to be like him so when I saw him playing I naturally just wanted to be better than him .

HS: Do you have a middle name?

JP: Maurice

HS: What’s your favorite color?

JP: Blue.

HS: What made you pick number 22?
JP: 22 is special to me because it’s my birthday # and now one of my favorite players Jimmy butler wears 22 too, so it gives me more of a reason to wear it proudly now.

HS: Where is one place you want to go?
JS: : One place I want to go is China, I would love to see and walk on the Great Wall of China.

HS: What was your favorite thing as a kid?
JP: My favorite thing as a kid was WWE I was a big fan and always watched.

HS: Do you like baseball?
JP: I do like baseball. I never played baseball, but one of my bestfriends played baseball and I use to always watch his games and my favorite team is the Yankees (Derek Jeter) when he played was my favorite player.

HS: What advice can you give young athletes like me about sports and life?
JP: Some advice I can give you is this… Don’t cheat the work! Most importantly, if you are going to play a sport you have to make sure you train, train your body, mind, extra reps and extra film study.

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