7MW wrestling celebrates their one year anniversary Saturday
Apr 25, 2022

7MW wrestling was celebrating their one year anniversary Saturday night over at Mr.Stax in Lewistown, Pennsyvania.
The show featured one of the biggest feuds in professional wrestling today in the American Hammer Matt Quay and Mike Citty.
At the start of the show, Quay had surrendered the Sky High Championship as he wanted to forward with his quest to become the 7MW World Heavyweight Champion.
Citty came out and demanded to be the new Sky High Champion but ended up having to compete for it in a three way dance that also included Mr. Ping and Chris Chichester.
As the championship match was coming to a close, Ping had Chichester down on the mat and hammered him with an incredible high risk, high reward move from the top rope.
The only problem was Ping took and risk and Citty got the reward as Ping looked to make the cover, Citty threw him outside the ring and finished off Chichester to become the new Sky High Champion.
Then later on in the main event of the evening, Citty made his presence felt again as Quay and D-Lious were fighting over the vacate 7MW World Heavyweight Championship.
At first, Citty appeared and showed support for Quay and even got the crowd to cheer on Quay during the match. But soon showed the people of Lewistown his true colors as Quay made his way to the top turnbuckle looking to finish off D, but with the ref’s back turned, Citty jumped onto the apron and shoved Quay off and retreated.
D-Lious would take advantage and rolled up Quay in a small package to become the new 7MW World Heavyweight Champion.
Afterwards, Citty wanted take out what was left of Quay, but the American Hammer managed to fight off Citty and send him packing.
Malcolm King went one on one with King Kahula for the No-Disqualification Championship where Kahula blasted King in the face with a pair of Brass Knuckles to win the match.
The Redneck Chick Izzy McCoy defended her 7MW Women’s championship and defeated Gabbie. The Red Scorpion left BJ Walker alone with his pet scorpion, hometown favorite J-Kat defeated EN Bush in singles action and Kid Mike defeated Zeno.
But one of the big events of the show came in the form of a very special return to the ring. The 7MW Tag Team Champions of Robnoxious and Bliss together known as Sweet and Sour. Found themselves in team warfare with the spooky trio of Lucas Ladjo, Lex and Dead Kid collectively known as the Cult.
Unfortunately for a while, it appeared as though it was going to be a three on two handicap match and the Cult certainly took advantage of the situation and stormed the duo of Noxious and Bliss.
At first, it seemed as though the Cult were going to come out victorious, but then suddenly, Stefon Ramon made a shocking return to the ring and joined in on the action.
As expected things got hardcore between the two rival factions and eventually, Sweet and Sour got the upper hand and it was Ramon who finished the job with a diving leg drop of the top rope that put Dead Kid through the table to pick up the one, two, three to the roar of the crowd.

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