This isn’t what most people use to decorate their Christmas trees. A woman in Florida recently uploaded footage to Facebook of finding a raccoon sitting in her Christmas tree. Tallahassee resident Aubrey Iacobelli says she saw what she thought was her cat enter through her doggy door, and settle in her tree early Thursday morning (December 10th), and she can be heard in the video telling the animal to get out of the tree. She then uses a frying pan to try and scare the animal out of the tree, before spraying it with a bottle of vinegar, and then poking it with a Christmas figurine. She then realizes it’s a raccoon. Eventually she gets her dog to chase the animal, but the raccoon ends up on an overhead light fixture for the better part of a half hour. Eventually, Iacobelli swats at the raccoon with a broom and it makes its way back outside.