Many bands are able to continue after the loss of a member if they find a replacement, Wolfgang Van Halen says that’s not gonna happen with Van Halen.

Still mourning his dad’s recent death, the 29 year old is asked a lot about the future of Van Halen. He assures that he will never continue the band without his father, he stated… “No Eddie Van Halen, equals no Van Halen.

After being pressed on the subject repeatedly on social media, one user posted: “Never say never. If the money’s right, you’ll be there. And I’ll be there to watch.”

Wolfgang shot back with: “I can confidently say I will never replace my father in Van Halen and tour around the world disrespecting my father’s memory.” Get the F*** over it, but if you can’t, just quit bothering me about it and demanding I do it – when I’ve made it very clear how I feel.”

The twitter storm continued on. Another posting from Wolfgang read: “Defending my stance on filling my father’s position in VH has nothing to do with being sensitive. It’s snuffing out BS and making my thoughts as clear as possible. If that’s too much for you (like this jolly baby Christmas boy) then here’s the door.”

After a flurry of similar posts, the mood seemed to change when asked about his own music. He hinted that he may release another song before spring. Wolfgang’s full album, which he sings and plays all the instrumentation on, will be out sometime next year.

Eddie Van Halen died on October 6th after a long battle with cancer. His son had been playing bass in Van Halen since the departure of original bassist, Michael Anthony in 2006.


  • Van Halen formed in 1974
  • Wolfgang was born in 1991
  • Wolfgang started playing with Van Halen in 2006.
  • At 16, made his concert debut with VH in September 2007.