Wolfgang Van Halen told us that fans shouldn’t bank on seeing any Eddie Van Halen tribute projects emerging from the vast tape archive he left behind. Wolfgang, who is now in charge of his late-father’s unreleased work housed at his 5150 California studio, explained that the process to get everything adequately cataloged is his first priority — not getting new product out ASAP. Wolfgang said that treating his father’s music with dignity and respect is really what he cares about when it comes to dealing with his unreleased and unfinished work.


  • Wolfgang Van Halen is keeping the family name alive with his debut single “Distance,” which has topped the iTunes Top 100 Songs chart.
  • Wolfgang who replaced Michael Anthony in Van Halen on 2007 for their reunion tour with David Lee Roth, shed light on the proposed “kitchen sink” tour, which along with Roth, would have reunited Eddie and Alex Van Halen with former bandmates Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony.
  • Due to Eddie’s failing health, the trek never moved beyond the conceptual stage.


  • Wolfgang Van Halen first performed live with Van Halen as an official member on the band’s 2007-2008 world tour, which also marked the return of original singer David Lee Roth. He made his recording debut on the band’s 2012 album A Different Kind Of Truth.
  • Wolfgang has also toured as a member of Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti’s self-named solo band and played bass on Tremonti’s second album, 2015’s Cauterize.

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