Wolfgang Van Halen delivered a knockout punch with his debut solo track and video, “Distance.” The song, which serves as a heart-tugging tribute to his father, the late-Eddie Van Halen is accompanied by a video showing home movies of him and his dad from the day he came home from the hospital to their years together onstage with Van Halen. “Distance” is billed Mammoth WVH — which tips its hat to Van Halen’s pre-fame moniker, Mammoth. The clip ends with a saved voicemail from father to son that simply won’t leave a dry eye in the house. While talking with Howard Stern, Wolfgang explained that there were discussions about a “kitchen sink” Van Halen tour featuring both David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, and possibly even Gary Cherone. The plans — which were never discussed with David Lee Roth — were scrapped after Eddie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Wolfgang said: “If only things had been better, it would have been amazing.”

He went on to say that the band Van Halen is done: “You can’t have Van Halen without Eddie Van Halen.”

Regarding the legendary amount of unheard music recorded by his father over the years Wolfgang said it would be “shameless” top start mining the vaults at this point, explaining, “There’s a s-ton of tapes that will take a very long time to go through. That’s not the priority right now. I can’t put a timeline on it. There will be a time we go through it. Not for the foreseeable future. (Some of the tapes are) “ideas that probably aren’t out there for good reason. I’m sure there’s amazing s in there.”


  • How would you feel about a tribute concert for Eddie Van Halen with all the past and current members of Van Halen on one stage???
  • Should the tribute show be just that — or also feature special guests???
  • Once the road opens back up, would you pay money to go see Van Halen — with Wolfgang Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Sammy Hagar???
  • Do you think Roth would ever feel comfortable sharing the mic with Hagar in from of Van Halen???
  • Where do YOU feel hold the mantle of the Van Halen legacy — Wolfgang, Alex Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, or David Lee Roth

READ: Wolfgang Van Halen’s lyrics for “Distance”:

I’m so happy
You found a place
That’s better for you
Than this rock we’re living on
I’m so nervous
Don’t know my place
A life without you, I’m not ready to move on

No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is you’ll be OK

I’m so tired
Can’t see your face
My memory of you
Slowly fades when I go on
I’m still crying
Don’t want this place
A world without you
I don’t think I’ll ever move on

No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is you’ll be OK

CHECK IT OUT: Mammoth WVH’s 2020 video for “Distance”: