We had a bunch of new additions to the backyard this week! If you missed any of the show it will be available to listen right here on Monday!

As always, you can submit your music to the show by emailing Buehler at BWB@CHX105.COM using the subject line ‘Backyard Bands’

Here’s the lineup from this week:

Porters – Orange Tape, Velvet Shelter – Rosaline (2021), Donny Burns and the 3rd Degree – Thinking Straight (live version), Docile Sponge – Lackluster, White Witch – Changes Coming, Eternal Frequency – Down, Lucid Ruby – Questions Need Answers, Palaceburn – Breathless, Borstal Boys – Don’t Let Life Pass You By, Black Cat Moan – Is What It Is, Another Day Dawns – Never Okay

Backyard Bands from August 8th 2021

Keep on Rockin’ in the Backyard!