Zoom, something most of us had never heard of just a year ago, quickly became essential for many amid the ongoing pandemic, used both for work, with countless meetings pushed online, and for “play,” for things like virtual happy hours with friends or even dates. But using Zoom means seeing your face close-up a lot, and that’s apparently leading some men to start wearing makeup when using it to cover up flaws, according to the New York Post. Sales of cosmetics for men is having a surge in sales, according to the Post, and market analytics firm Moz said they Google questions asking for “men’s makeup looks” spiked by almost 80 percent last year from 2019. In addition to products like moisturizer and concealer, New York-based cosmetics company Tribe, for one, also sells Eyebrow and Beard Fix, which fills in gaps in uneven bears, hairlines and eyebrows.