with Valentine’s Day still fresh in our minds, it might be a good time to start posting some sweet stuff about your significant other, with a new poll finding that 46 percent of Americans in relationships say they want their romantic partners to post more “online PDA” — public displays of affection. The OnePoll survey for From You Flowers found that the average social media user who is part of a couple posts about their significant other between three and four times a month. But while nearly half want more online PDA, 27 percent said they want their partner to post less about them. The poll also found 51 percent of social media users admit judging people who post about being in a relationship too much, while 49 percent, almost as many, say they assume a relationship might be in trouble if neither member has posted about their partner in the past six months. Overall, 36 percent said they usually enjoy seeing romantic PDA on social media, and just 24 percent said they dislike it.