A 14-year-old kid in Spain got into a fight with his parents and wanted a place to get away.  So he went to the backyard . . . and started digging an UNDERGROUND CAVE to hang out in. He started with a pickaxe, and it was just a hole at first.  Then he found someone with better tools to make it 10 feet deep and add multiple rooms. It’s got a living room . . . bedroom . . . heating system . . . music system . . . and Wi-Fi.  And he reinforced the walls with concrete to make sure it won’t collapse.  But somehow, he’s spent a grand total of $60 on it.

But on the other end of things, according to a new poll, the average parent thinks their child could only keep themselves entertained outside for 32 MINUTES before getting bored. Technology gets a lot of the blame.  And we ALL might get too wrapped up in stuff like Netflix and our phones. This pandemic has really ruined us