Did you declutter and donate anything from around the house last year?  Well, the folks at Goodwill say thank you very much.  But also . . . please stop donating TRASH. They’ve had a lot more donations during the pandemic, but a bunch of it is stuff they can’t sell.  For example, a table with a missing a leg . . . yeah, that’s junk.  So they’re politely asking us to only donate stuff people might actually WANT. 

Allergies aren’t just annoying.  They also hit you where it hurts . . . your wallet.  A new poll found 49% of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies.  And over the course of your life, you’ll spend more than 16 GRAND dealing with them. The average person with allergies spends $266 a year on pills and other treatments.  That’s about $22 a month . . . or $16,146 over the course of your life if you live to the average age of 78.