Does this guy feel burned right now, or like he dodged a major bullet?  A 24-year-old woman in Germany named Sarah Vilard is blowing up on TikTok after revealing that she got back at her ex . . . by staging a FAKE WEDDING to make him jealous. She posted fake wedding photos on Instagram three months after they broke up, so it looked like she fell in love and moved on immediately.  And she really committed. She won’t reveal how much she spent.  But she bought a dress . . . hired a photographer . . . got her hair done . . . bought a bouquet . . . put her friend in a bridesmaid dress . . . and even hired a fake groom.

If I asked you what AGE you were when you finally embraced getting older, you might look back over the past few years . . . look back longer . . . search for an answer . . . and then say “12.” A new survey set out to find the exact age when most Americans are finally able to embrace getting older.  And that age is:  47. But this past year and a half has aged us waaaay too fast! On average, the adults surveyed said they feel SEVEN years younger than they actually are.  So that means people are ready to accept getting older once they FEEL like they’re in their 40s.