Snow way…

The CDC thinks it’s a bad idea to CHEER during the Super Bowl.  If you watch the Super Bowl with other people, the CDC is recommending that you use a noisemaker instead of yelling or screaming to cut down on the risk of spreading your droplets.

Taiwan fined a guy $3,500 for breaking his mandatory quarantine when he came back into the country from Hong Kong in October.  But they’ve decided to waive the fine when they learned he broke his quarantine . . . because he was KIDNAPPED. The guy was quarantining at a friend’s house, and apparently that friend owed money to some bad dudes . . . and they came to the house and accidentally kidnapped the guy who was quarantining. Some friend.

Some parts of China have switched from the nasal swab Covid test to a more reliable and possibly even MORE painful alternative . . . the anal swab.  And now authorities have had to clear up one big misconception. After videos came out of people waddling like penguins after their swabs, officials said that’s not a normal reaction . . . you’ll be walking fine afterwards.