There’s a 39-year-old woman named Jamie Lynn Hiniker who’s the manager of a movie theater in Mankato, Minnesota.

And she was just busted selling COCAINE from the concession stand.  She would literally put it in people’s bags of popcorn.

The cops got tipped off about what was going on and set up a sting.  And Jamie sold an undercover officer some cocaine in a popcorn bag for $100.

Miller High Life is running a contest to hire a, quote, “Ambassador of the Champagne of Beers Region”.

What’s the “Champagne of Beers Region”?  They’re actually trying to get the city of Milwaukee to create a region in honor of their beer.  And they need someone to promote it.

You can apply with a 50-word essay on why you’d be a good ambassador.  And if they pick you, you’ll get $20,000 and a year of free Miller High Life.  The applications are due two weeks from today.