A woman on TikTok posted a video after she ordered some McDonald’s delivery . . . and found a flyer in the bag for the WEIGHT LOSS company Herbalife.  It said “Discover Good Nutrition” and to quote, “Join the Club.” A rep for McDonald’s says they didn’t put it in there . . . because why would they?  But there was a name and contact number.  So it sounds like the DoorDash driver who brought it might be working for Herbalife on the side.  McDonald’s is still looking into it. 

A Starbucks barista named Josie who works in Van Nuys, California tweeted a picture of a customer’s order on Saturday . . . and this customer didn’t just want a slight modification. A customer named Edward ordered a Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino . . . with 13 modifications. They included:  Five bananas . . . extra caramel drizzle . . . extra whip . . . extra ice . . . extra cinnamon dolce topping . . . seven extra pumps of caramel sauce . . . extra caramel crunch . . . one pump of honey blend . . . and exactly seven Frappuccino chips.

A 28-year-old tourist in Dorset, England took a selfie on the edge of a cliff on Saturday afternoon . . . and he slipped and fell 120 FEET. But amazingly, he survived . . . because the tide was in and he landed in four feet of water.  The guy only wound up with some cuts and bruises, which is more or less a miracle.