A wedding singer and musician in the U.K. just posted a screenshot on Facebook of some text messages he got from a groom who was trying to book him for his wedding. The groom said he couldn’t pay in money, but if the guy performed he’d get food, beer, and, quote, “I’ll put in a good word with the bridesmaids.  I’m sure lockdowns got them like wild animals.” The wedding singer turned him down because he needed money, but the groom kept trying . . . and eventually the groom called the wedding singer, quote, “ungrateful” for turning down the offer. 

Back in March, an elderly married couple broke out of their assisted living home in Lebanon, Tennessee.  They both have dementia and Alzheimer’s, so they were in a locked wing. But . . . it turns out the husband used to be in the military and he was trained in Morse code.  That trained him to memorize patterns . . . so he’d listen to the staff punch in the key code for the door, and eventually he cracked it so he could get out. The couple was found about 30 minutes after they escaped.  They were walking down a road a few blocks from the home. The home was fined $2,000 by the state for allowing the couple to escape.