Could Oktoberfest move from Germany to Dubai this year?  Oktoberfest in Munich was canceled last year, and that looks like it might happen again.  So the people who organize it are really thinking about moving everything to Dubai.

And if they’re going to go to that trouble, they’re going to make it count.  Normally, Oktoberfest lasts 16 days.  If they move to Dubai, it’s going to go for SIX MONTHS, from October 7th through March 31st.

Nudism has seen HUGE growth during the pandemic.  People are braver going nude for virtual events, so the numbers are huge for things like nude yoga classes, nude trivia nights, and nude music lessons.

Kraft Heinz says the ketchup shortage is about to be over.  They say that within the next few weeks, there will be more than enough ketchup on the market again for everyone to get it without any issues.