One of the ways that some people are getting their sense of smell back if they lose it because of Covid is SMELL TRAINING.  That’s where you basically train your nose and brain to smell again by sniffing a few strong perfumes or other scents every day.

And believe it or not, studies show that just MIGHT be the best way to get your sense of smell back.  One new study found it’s a better option than something more drastic, like steroids.

We could be looking at a gas shortage this summer . . . because there aren’t enough qualified tanker truck drivers to get gas to stations around the country.  Around 20% to 25% of the tanker trucks in the U.S. are parked because there’s no one to drive them.

A private school in Miami is banning its teachers from GETTING the vaccine.  They cited some debunked anti-vax theories and said, quote, “it is our policy . . . not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental Covid-19 injection.”