We’re looking at a nationwide ketchup shortage because of the pandemic.  Because so many restaurants are now doing more to-go orders, they’re going through a ton of packets . . . and prices are up 13% in 14 months. We’re also buying more bottles of ketchup at home than ever.  In 2020, there were more than $1 billion in ketchup sales in the U.S. . . . that’s 15% higher than 2019.

It might be time to stop obsessively sanitizing everything.  As we’ve learned more about Covid, we’ve found that the chances of getting it from a surface are WAY lower than we originally thought.   The CDC says the chances of catching Covid from a surface are less than one in 10,000.  And one chemist in Colorado says, quote, “If we took half the effort that’s being given to disinfection and put it on ventilation, that will be huge.”

Here’s the latest weird trend people are using to fight their boredom:  Hula Hoops.  Wham-O says they’ve seen a big spike in demand for Hula Hoops during the pandemic . . . they sold one million last year, up 20% from 2018 and 2019.