The new hot pickup spot right now is . . . the vaccine line.  Single people of ALL ages . . . yes, even older people . . . are using it as a chance to hunt for dates.

One woman tweeted, quote, “Both my 70-something mom and a relative got asked out in the vaccine line.  I’m telling you, people are ready.  This summer will be wild.”

A year of being inside has made EVERYONE ready to leave the house.  New cell phone data shows people are leaving their homes today MORE often than they did before the pandemic.

Even though only 10% of the country is fully vaccinated, people are getting more comfortable going out as cases go down and a year of quarantine fatigue has set in.

The pandemic may be responsible for naming the current generation of kids.  The term “Gen C” . . . where the “C” is for Covid . . . is getting used more and more, since Covid looks like it could be what defines this generation now and going forward.