The pandemic may mean the end of the KISS CAM at sporting events . . . after all, it’s hard to kiss with a mask on, and everyone’s now in the business of trying to get people to NOT swap droplets.

Here’s one alternative:  The Milwaukee Bucks recently replaced it with the “hand sanitizer cam” . . . which looks like it’s spraying people with sanitizer.

A video went viral last year of a woman in San Diego berating a Starbucks employee for refusing to serve her without a mask.  Someone started a GoFundMe for that Starbucks employee, and it pulled in more than $105,000.

Now the woman who was yelling at the Starbucks worker is SUING the guy who started the GoFundMe for, quote, “violation of her right to privacy . . . [and] misappropriation of her name and likeness.”

The pandemic has brought us virtual court appearances . . . which have brought us a whole new set of things we’ve never seen before.

A virtual court hearing for assault in South Dakota was postponed last week when the judge found out the defendant was in the SAME HOME as his victim . . . and he seemed to be intimidating her into not telling the truth.