Happy Friday!

A scientist at Stanford University has a new theory why Zoom calls feel so EXHAUSTING.  Basically, it’s because they’re too intimate, so they’re triggering the parts of our brain that make us want to either FIGHT or MATE.  And that’s stressful. Quote, “On Zoom, behavior ordinarily reserved for close relationships, such as long stretches of direct eye gaze and faces seen close up, has suddenly become the way we interact with casual acquaintances, coworkers, and even strangers.”

A new study ranked indoor activities by how risky they are for spreading Covid.  Going to the theater, opera, or museum with limited attendance, and everyone wearing masks, leads to the lowest spread.  Going to an office or school without a mask were the riskiest things in the study.

  A high school band in Washington is having everyone practice inside their own closed tents to stay Covid-safe. As a former band kid, I just KNOW some kid is cheering because they can hide the fact they’re not reading their music!