Two school board members in a town in northern California had their property vandalized last week, including a note that said, quote, “Bring kids back.”  Only the note spelled “bring” with two g’s and spelled “back” b-a-c-c. So…looks like “kids” aren’t the only people in town who need to go back to school.  The board was meeting next week anyway to discuss reopening schools.

Important public health alert:  If you wanted to, and you could find a doctor who’d do it, you COULD get the Covid vaccine injected into your butt.  It would still work because the vaccine is intramuscular, so it just needs muscles to absorb it and pass it around. But again, you DON’T have to…unless you want to.

A 105-year-old woman who beat Covid says her secrets to living that long…and surviving a pandemic at her age are:  Prayer . . . no junk food . . . and eating nine gin-soaked raisins every day.