A woman in Kentucky got a tattoo on March 4th of last year saying, quote, “Courageously and radically refuse to wear a mask.”  She meant it metaphorically.  Then the pandemic happened.  And once anti-maskers became a thing, she says she’s spent the entire year wearing long sleeves to keep the tattoo covered up.  Now she’s going viral in a TikTok trend where people are sharing their worst tattoo.

  Here’s a good breakdown from “The Atlantic” on how much we can expect life to return to normal in the upcoming seasons.  Basically, it looks like we’re actually on track toward a summer that’s close to normal.

A landlord in Illinois has been arrested after he tied up two tenants on Sunday, put pillowcases on their heads, drove them at gunpoint to a cemetery, and dumped them in the snow. He said he did it because he was frustrated that he couldn’t evict anyone because of Covid restrictions.  He’s facing kidnapping charges.