Monday Monday Monday….

Two women, who are 34 and 44 years old, were busted going to a vaccination site in Orange County, Florida dressed up as old ladies in bonnets and gloves to get the vaccine. Their SECOND dose.  Which means their costumes most likely worked the first time around.  They were both cited for trespassing and didn’t end up getting the shot.

The entire board for a school district in Contra Costa County, California has resigned after they started criticizing parents before a virtual meeting started… without realizing the feed was already live. Yiiiiikes…. There’s a link to it, but be warned…it does include some choice language!

How stupid of a criminal is this?  A guy robbed a gas station in St. Louis last week… but kept his mask around his chin instead of pulling it up over his face.  So now the cops have a good look at him from the surveillance video. There’s nothing like minimal effort!