When you’re wearing a mask and need to sneeze, what do you do?  According to a new survey, 41% of people keep the mask on and sneeze into it…31% pull it down and sneeze into their clothes or hands…and 2% just sneeze into the air. EW.

If this work from home thing continues for a lot longer, Nissan will have you covered.  They just created a concept car that’s a minivan with an entire desk and workspace built in. Drive thru everything, work in your car…soon we won’t need to go anywhere, ever.

A couple in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada…a 60-year-old man and 25-year-old woman…refused to wear masks at a gym and pretended to cough on equipment when people stared at them.  They were fined $460…or like, a one-day fee at the gym.

A doctor in Colorado recommends that you wear two masks, like a surgical mask with a cloth mask over it, for protection.  But don’t wear a third mask, or it could actually start to interfere with your breathing.