Here’s what you missed in today’s show when it comes to the Covid Chaos.

If you’ve found you’re talking to yourself a lot during the past year, you’re not alone.  A psychologist says it’s common for people to talk out loud more when they’re under stress or facing other tough challenges. But hey, we get to talk to ourselves all day long, but into a microphone, and broadcast to the world. Same thing, right?

 The mayor of Antwerp, Belgium lived out all of our nightmares this weekend…when he was doing a video interview and didn’t realize the hosts could see that he wasn’t wearing pants in his reflection in the mirror.  At least he was wearing underwear.

Believe it or not, divorce rates went way DOWN last year…which is the opposite of what everyone thought would happen. Some researchers say it may not be that couples were HAPPIER stuck together all year…but they stayed together for practical reasons, and were able to work out their differences due to increased communication.