Hey, no hard feelings if you missed the show. Here’s what we talked about for ‘rona insanity.

Could the next random product to sell out be HAIR LICE medicine?  A new study found a basic head lice drug called ivermectin led to an 80% lower fatality rate in hospitalized coronavirus patients.

I will always be amazed at how resourceful teenagers can be when they’re motivated.  There’s a warning going out to stores that kids are wearing masks and dressing up to look older so they can buy alcohol. I hate to say I have TikTok…but I do, and I’ve seen these videos. They all are pretty convincing….scary.

As you probably heard, the coronavirus relief bill that Congress passed was filled with all sorts of pork that was totally unrelated to the pandemic.  One thing that was in there:  The Pentagon has to release its intelligence about UFOs within six months. Maybe we can finally get down to the bottom of those monoliths.