Today’s Corona Insanity is brought to you by….the year 2020. Bringing us new, exciting, and anxiety-inducing events every day without fail! Anyway, here’s what you missed during today’s show.

The city of Forest Lake, Minnesota is facing a backlash after they used $150,000 of their federal coronavirus relief money to replace the clubhouse at the city’s golf course. The mayor says the clubhouse will help with social distancing.  You know, somehow. Trust them. Just do it.

Remember those managers at the Tyson Foods pork plant in Iowa who made bets on how many workers would catch coronavirus?  Seven of them have been fired. I’d say their little bet was in bad taste, but then I’d be making a food pun…Wait-

45 of America’s 50 biggest companies have turned profits since March.  On the flip side, almost eight million Americans have fallen into poverty, the biggest increase in the 60 years the government has been tracking.